Quality Control

Customer’s enquiry → Engineer review drawing(s) → Work out the best Tooling&Manufacturing solution → Sending the best quotation to customer → Customer place order →Produce department executing →Quality control department inspection →Packing →Delivery

SUNCLES use Quality Control Systems to guarantee the quality through overall manufacturing progress with accurate inspection facilities. All tools and parts produced at our facility are constantly monitored by our Quality Control Department to meet your specifications including material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, molding standard, inspection, and packaging. SUNCLES’s Quality Control Systems has its owned mission: Guarantee every part meet clients’ requirements.

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a flexible measuring system with a precision degree of 0.001mm. It performs geometric measurement with quick and effective detection. Fitted with a CCD(Charge Coupled Device) image, the CMM can measure an object by magnifying it 100 times. Furthermore, its side lens can allow image measurement by moving the lens around the four sides of the object without moving it. The measuring machine is also equipped with contact type auto curved surface scanning.

Injection Mold Guarantee

Every mold that we build and run includes lifetime preventive maintenance and comes with our guarantee which includes cavity and core surfaces, as well as normal wear.
We divide into for class base on mold steel’s grade:
Class 1 mold – Built for extremely high production, and made with only the highest quality materials. Guaranteed for 500,000 cycles.
Class 2 mold – Built for medium to high production. Good for abrasive material such as glass or mineral filled polymers, or for parts that require tight tolerances. Guaranteed for 200,000 cycles.
Class 3 mold – This is a popular mold built for low to medium production, and has the most common price range. Guaranteed for 100,000 cycles.
Class 4 mold – This is a low production mold, and is used for a short product life with non-abrasive materials. Guaranteed for 5,000 cycles.
Guarantees do not include moving components such as slides or core pulls.
Typically we use P20 or H13 hardened tool steel in the construction of our customer tooling. Occasionally, if a product has low anticipated quantities, or a customer requests it, we will use other materials.

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