Facilities|Specializes in metal and plastic parts manufacturing via injection mold and CNC machining etc.



Metal&Plastic parts CNC Machining

Manufacturing metal parts and plastic parts with very tight tolerances(±0.001mm), with over 50 sets of related machines, such as Milling machines; Drilling Machines; CNC turning machines; Wire cutting machines;Grinding machine and EDM machinse etc. We have a best solution to meet you small quantity needs and reduce cost, such as prototype making, sample making.


Drilling; Milling; Turning; Wire cutting; lathing.grinding.

Material Capabilities

Aluminum; Brass; Bronze; Copper; Metals ; Nickel / Nickel alloys; Plastics; Stainless Steel; Titanium Alloys.

Secondary Operations

Electroplating; Painting / Powder Coating; Welding, Anodizing; Black Oxide;

Additional Services

Assembly Services; CAD/CAM/UG Support; Design Assistance.




Injection Mould Building

 Injection mold is the most important tool to process plastic parts volume with lowwer cost. SUNCLES supply injection mold building services with experienced skills and advance related equipments and a best solution to reduce cost. 




Rapid Prototyping; CAD/CAM/UG Support; Design Assistance(It is very usefull to reduce injection mold cost when you start a new project.)


Aerospace; Automotive; Electrical / Electronics; Industrial; Medical; Military. Any that needed parts can be processed by injection mold.




Plastic Injection Molding

If you would like to manufecture your parts in China, we also are able to supply injection molding servies for you with kinds of injection mold machines 20 sets.

Material Capabilities

Plastic( for more details, please find Material Reference)

Secondary Operations

Insert  Molding; Assembly Services; Machining; Plating; Silk painting; Polishing.




Metal Injection Molding

Metallic components can be molded by metal injection mold. SUNCLES isnot speciazled in this line, but we are able to build the mold for powder injection molding. And we have some factories to assist us in metal injection molding.

Material Capabilities

Copper; Iron-Nickel; Tungsten-Copper; Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; Nickel Steel; Super Alloys; Titanium Alloys; Tool Steel; F-75


Design Assistance; Tool / Mold Making; Heat Treating; Machining; Plating; Polishing.



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